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As the third Louvre – DNP Museum Lab presentation, a work representative of Titian’s oeuvre, The Madonna of the Rabbit, will be on show for the first time in Japan.

DNP’s Museum Lab’s latest offering is an invitation to follow the story of The Madonna of the Rabbit,
as presented by Jean Habert, curator at the Musée du Louvre. This is an
opportunity to see the work as its contemporaries did, rediscovering
the emotions, impressions, and sensations it evoked for 16th-century
Venetians and Titian.

Louvre – DNP Museum Lab invites the public to experiment with new
mediation tools designed to enhance their appreciation of a work of
art: to study artworks in detail, and to deliver a deeper understanding
of their background and meaning.

is once again used to get a better knowledge of the masterwork. Visitors will interact with an Ubiq’window AirStrike positioned at 1.5 meters from a large plasma screen.
The Installation lets visitors use their finger in the air to interact with the content and discover the secrets of the painting: composition, color associations, and other details.

The exhibition is open until March 1st 2008 in Gotanda, Tokyo.

More details about the exhibition can be found on DNP Museum Lab web site.

© 2007 Musée du Louvre / Angéle Dequier, DNP

Explanation in Movie

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Catchyoo’s partner, cmpunch, goes a step further in their explanations about the value of interactive signage with this movie with movie embedded explanations.

It is in Japanese, so some explanations are necessary. The site is the new Parco shopping mall in Urawa, in Tokyo’s suburb. The installed Catchyoo is a cluster of 2 systems communicating together to create a large seamless interactive zone. 

Cmpunch left the original soundtrack and we can hear very positive feedbacks from visitors, like the usual Japanese "sugoii" which means something like "Wow".

Then, they clearly explain what is value for people around. People play with the system but all visitors around the interactive space watch the space… and the ad.

This ad space is for rent and sponsors who want to advertise right on this unique place, or in other Parco places can contact LM3LABS.

With Catchyoo’s eye

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Did you ever imagine to be at Catchyoo’s place and watching what is going on?
Take a seat !

This was at Pink Ball 2007 event, the charity event organized last Friday for the Run for the Cure campaign.

Catchyoo has a new web site

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Catchyooimageblog Catchyoo web site has a new dress today.

The purpose of this new design is to "start" the Catchyoo experience by immersing visitors into the Catchyoo experience while presenting the various types of products and entertaining visitors with a next-gen navigation.

Its purpose is also to facilitate communication with visitors thru the SnapContact form.

We hope you will like it.

Address remains unchanged of course: Releases in Japanese and Chinese are under the press.

LM3LABS, guest speaker at Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

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Nicolas Loeillot, Managing Director of LM3LABS, will present at Asia Outdoor Advertising (AOA) 2007 in Singapore on October 24th-26th, 2007.

He will talk about the Future of Outdoor Advertising which is, as you can guess, not only digital but interactive.

AOA is the most comprehensive event in this precise domain in Asia which all markets in Asia and Australia with exhibitors like JCDecaux or ClearChannel.

Aside the presentation, Catchyoo will be presented by Singapore Mass  Rapid Transit (SMRT) on their booth and in collaboration with Mosaic Solutions, demonstrating interactive signage application to public transportation environments.

The presentation slides will be posted right after the event so that they can benefit all of us in our communication about our vision of this industry.


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Once again, offline meets online… on Youtube.

A movie shooted by a by-passer in Paris.

3D Frog

October 4th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on 3D Frog

Our 3rd example of 3D FX series in Catchyoo.

in the 3D series

October 3rd, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on in the 3D series

We continue the series with Patchcat. Patchcat is a hit to kids.

This is an example of the 3D library which lets Catchyoo partners and customers create ad campaign in minutes without any software development.

Who said…

October 2nd, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on Who said…

…Japanese salarymen would not follow foreigners. 😉

Catchyoo 3D capabilities

October 1st, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on Catchyoo 3D capabilities

An example of Catchyoo 3D capabilities.

3D objects can be integrated into Catchyoo FX to provide better product presentations and more engaging user experiences.