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Images tell better than words

March 31st, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Catchyoo Graffiti, Catchyoo Interactive Table, Catchyoo’s Installations , Movies, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on Images tell better than words

LM3LABS launch 2 new online .TV channels to better serve their partners in their sales actions and provide a more complete view about the products and implementations.

Catchyoo.TV and Ubiqwindow.TV are fully loaded with movies showing the solutions in action. They play as a single repository library for movie complementing web sites and blogs.

If one images is worth 7000 words, movie are 30 images per seconds… we let you do the math…

See you in Sydney?

March 29th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Dynamic signage, Events, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on See you in Sydney?

  I have been invited to make an address at the 6th Australian Advertising & Marketing Summit 2007. It happens in Sydney on June 19th, 20th.

The program looks really exciting with speakers from Google, MySpace, ACNielsen and other great names. Ideas will spark from everywhere…
As for me, I will try to grab the audience’s attention with a 40mn oneman show about the future of interactive advertising… yes, that’s my stuff indeed.
We will also have the opportunity to kick-off the Media Channel business there with Pearl PR and CommandAustralia our local dream team. Summit’s visitors will be able to play with our stuff while we brief them about statistic module, content broadcast, cutting cost of creation,…
This spring is pretty busy in Oz as CommandAustralia will prepare the field with 2 events, first in Brisbane (our historic first deployment site of Ubiq’window in Australia) and then Cebit Australia.

McDonald’s Malaysia celebrates 25th Anniversary with Ubiq’window

March 16th, 2007 | Posted in Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on McDonald’s Malaysia celebrates 25th Anniversary with Ubiq’window

MacdoLast March 3rd, McDonald’s Malaysia invited Ubiq’window to celebrate their 25th Anniversary in Kuala Lumpur.

Ubiq’window was right at the center of the event bringing interactivity to 3 plasma screens and on stage with an interactive glass panel.

25 years is young… and what is better than a futuristic technology to communicate this youth image.

McDonald’s was assisted by LM3LABS’ Malaysia partner Alternative Advertisement.

Hermes catch the Spirit of our Times with interactive “Carré”

March 14th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Catchyoo’s Installations  | Comments Off on Hermes catch the Spirit of our Times with interactive “Carré”


French luxury company, Hermes, tapped Catchyoo to bring interactivity to a large projected scarf. The FX actually does not make a water effect but a wind effect on the scarf. This is only possible because of the great quality of the Catchyoo water FX, which can be parametered in real time to deliver the perfect texture effect.

Hermes scarfs or "Carrés Hermes" are the emblem of the 200-year old company. The "Carrés" have been launched in the 50’s by the very creative Robert-Dumas Hermes.

Since their first days Hermes understood trends and took audacious choices. Always looking for new landscapes, in a quest for quality and authenticity, they very soon became the suppliers of kings and emperors. The Emperor of Japan, the Tsar of Russia among others were fidel to Hermes as soon as the beginning of the last Century.

Again, it seems that Hermes catches the spirit of what will be advertising in the 21st century.

Catchyoo Morphing FX: welcome into the stunning Future of ads!

March 12th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Movies | Comments Off on Catchyoo Morphing FX: welcome into the stunning Future of ads!

Catchyoo’s Morph FX lets advertisers create interactive morphing advertising campaign in minutes without a single line of code.


Catchyoo launch Interactive Dog

March 12th, 2007 | Posted in Catchyoo, Life! | Comments Off on Catchyoo launch Interactive Dog

Received from our partners in Australia Rod and Caren…  their cute dog Tia.   😉

RetailTech Japan 2007: some images

March 11th, 2007 | Posted in Business, Catchyoo, Movies, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on RetailTech Japan 2007: some images

Some images from RetailTech Japan 2007 who finished last Friday. It was incredibly crowded this year. This is the largest event for shop and retail technologies in Asia. Visitors could test the latest RFID applications, dynamic signage stuff, IT solutions, but also materials or lighting.

Catchyoo and Ubiq’window were there of course.

In the movie, some images for Catchyoo’s booth and a digital, dynamic and interactive POP created by LM3LABS’ partner Uchida Yoko.

Microsoft deploy Ubiq’window AirStrike booths in major Indian cities

March 2nd, 2007 | Posted in Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on Microsoft deploy Ubiq’window AirStrike booths in major Indian cities


Microsoft deploy interactive booths in shoppings centers of New Dehli, Hyberbad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore for the launch of Windows Vista.
Ubiq’window is used in its AirStrike configuration (open air) so that public can experience the smooth interface of Vista Aero and the "Wow".
The installation combines a camera which records user’s face in real time and puts it in an artificial context where he can get an entertaining virtual experience.
Definitely the final result is extremely engaging.
India is a key market for Microsoft with more than 1 bio people and a growing role in the software development market. Microsoft’s positioning is critical to Linux or ASP solutions which are increasingly hosted in India. Showing that Vista is really bringing a new twist to the human-machine interaction is a priority to them.
While shopping centers’ visitors do not have the time to go into the beautiful but subtle Aero’s interface, their attention must be grabbed instantly. It is immediate with Ubiq’window AirStrike.

Obviously an easy way to get the "WoW".

The project was managed by Microsoft’s agency Jagran Solutions  and LM3LABS’ partner Mosaic Solutions.

Picture credit: Mosaic Solutions Pty. Ltd, Microsoft, LM3LABS.

Euro improvement…

March 1st, 2007 | Posted in Life! | Comments Off on Euro improvement…

Nicolas’s note: We replaced the previous posting‘s video from YouTube by a posting. is a venture from my former boss Martin Varsavki.

Better quality, faster download +… the Euro touch.

Just like for Ubiq’window and Catchyoo it is time that America leaves some space to Europe. 😉

PS: and oh, by the way it comes with its own QR code… Japanese touch…