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Catchyoo and Ubiq’window will be on stage on February 8th in Tokyo, represented by partners Duplo/CMPunch @ the Japan Printing association’s event PAGE2007.

This year’s theme is "Media of the 21st Century: colorful media, born digital, multi-use".
This event gathers all professionals from the printing industry (DNP, Toppan,…) who will discuss the future of their industry. Some subjects will be very technical (like "getting freedom from CMYK", "from paper to mobile",…) or more strategic like "the migration from paper advertising to digital advertising".
This is on this precise cross-media topic that CMPunch, as a panelist, will present Catchyoo/Ubiq’window and their impact for the content creation process, content distribution flow, impact on end-users.
For Japanese speakers in Tokyo, the event will be in Ikebukuro from Feb 7th to 9th. The entrance is not cheap but subjects are very interesting for those interested in the future of digital media in Japan.

Online jumps into Offline!

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An interesting article today in New York-based Advertising Age.

The article highlights the interest of giants like Microsoft or Google for the market Catchyoo pioneers for some time now: Interactive and intelligent out-of-home advertisement.

It expresses a reality: Online is not ALL despite the hype around it.
The actual problem of online interactive is the media. A media that you can escape too easily.
People will soon be fed up with online and mobile ads and giants already anticipate the revolution of interactive billboards, what we call at LM3LABS the Passive Interactivity (far from being a negative naming).

Catchyoo targets a surface that is not too crowed yet as a media: the floor but it also plays in interactive billboards, touchable walls, interactive tables, interactive windows and reacting shop windows. …all this for the sake of a better advertisement.

Catchyoo brings significant improvement to "traditional" (yes, already) digital signage with usage statistics, time-based campaigns, 1-click content broadcast,… automated media planning.

And here again, Minority Report is on the scene… New Yorkers, buy your tickets ! It is in Singapore and in Tokyo.

Here is the article: All copyrights are to Advertising Age.

What Are Online Giants Doing in Out-of-home?

Microsoft, Google Dabble in Technology to Better Target, Automate Outdoor


Andrew Hampp

Published: January 29, 2007

NEW YORK ( — Online advertising may be the fastest-growing
segment of media spending, but the second-fastest is out-of-home — so
it’s only fitting that two of the web’s biggest players are angling for
a piece of the $7.4 billion expected to be spent on U.S. outdoor
advertising in 2007.

Microsoft can demographically target displays a la the 2002 movie 'Minority Report.'
Microsoft can demographically target displays a la the 2002 movie ‘Minority Report.’

Google and Microsoft each have projects in the works that would put
them at the forefront of innovative out-of-home technology. Google has
a patent pending for digital billboards that can be updated in real
time based on inventory and other factors. Microsoft’s AdCenter lab
evokes "Minority Report" by equipping digital displays with
face-recognition video software to detect traits such as gender and age
and retrieve demographically targeted ads on the spot.

The time is right
The time is right to apply online targeting to digital displays, said
Michael Hudes, director-global digital media at Clear Channel Outdoor,
and that’s why Google and Microsoft are taking the initiative in this

"The beauty of out-of-home … is it provides lots of reach, but with
digital you can make it more targeted," Mr. Hudes said. "If I’m an
advertiser and want to connect with everyone, I’ll target my ad to the
time of night or place it in a dramatic location. It’s all a part of
the mass audience reach, [but] you can slice it as finely as you want."

Neither Google nor Microsoft would comment for this story, and
they haven’t released timetables for their projects. But Google’s
professed interest in selling ad space in offline media such as print
and broadcast bodes well for the digital out-of-home industry, in which
aggregating eyeballs has been notoriously frustrating.

"That part of the industry has been screaming for something
like this," said John Connolly, president of MediaCom Outdoor. "None of
the networks talk to each other, and there’s no one place to distribute
ads at exactly the time you want. Google recognized the need for this."

Scan customers by gender, age
Out-of-home innovation has
focused on experiments with Bluetooth software. But Microsoft’s
proposed product would factor in demographic targeting with a device
that would scan customers for gender, age and height and display
appropriate creative. While the technology is hardly foolproof, Mr.
Connolly said it’s being tested in the U.K. with 90% accuracy.

Screens made by Google would update automatically to reflect inventory
at nearby merchants. Once a product sold out, the ad would go away too.

Ilya Vedrashko, emerging-media strategist for Hill Holiday, Boston,
said the concept could succeed both in controlled retail spaces and on
more traditional billboards alongside highways.

Next logical step
"The cool thing about billboards … is that they’re already installed
based on some criteria, whether it’s high-traffic areas or for
demographic reasons," he said. "Google is taking it to the next logical
level." He believes Google’s methods for measuring exposure and
click-through in products such as AdSense could even work in
out-of-home as well, if given time.

It could take months, if not years, for patents to be approved and
technology to be fine-tuned, but no matter how soon Silicon Valley
giants — and possibly outdoor’s legacy players — reshape the retail
experience, it’s safe to say the out-of-home industry will have a shelf
life much longer than its static beginnings could have indicated.

"It’s a huge boon to the business," Mr. Hudes said.

Customize your own animated interactivity

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A next-gen FX is added today to Catchyoo’s library. This "Tap the mole"-like FX lets Catchyoo partners and customers integrate interactive animated sequences in Catchyoo to create games, or engaging interactive advertising campaigns.

Any sequence can be uploaded as a ZIP file so that Catchyoo partners can propose rotating 3D effects, movings animals, cartoon grade images, movies-in-movie effects, locally, and without any software development. No expensive Flash, no C, just pictures and sounds.
This new FX can also integrates Quicktime (TM) movies (H.264) in addition to DivX (TM) or Xvid movies. This new compliance with QuickTime (TM) will be general on all future Catchyoo FX available to Catchyoo in order to ease the work of creative people and prevent loss of quality.
The new FX is now part of the FX library and can be customized thousand ways for playful campaigns.

Catchyoo @ Genting Casino, Malaysia

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A pic of Catchyoo installed at Genting’s Club Elite Casino. Genting is one of the largest Casino in the world.

Installation made by Alternative Advertisement from Kuala Lumpur.


We want the best!

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4starsblog_2LM3LABS launch an innovative Partner Program mixing world-class channel management practices to new technologies. THEBLOG met with LM3 Japan Managing Director Yumiko Misaki to know more about it:

THEBLOG: "Hi Yumiko, the digital signage industry is pretty short-term focused, hectic and volatile, why such a Partner Program?"
Yumiko Misaki:"For the respect of our customers and best partners. We have developped a model which ranks our partners based on their capabilities in Marketing, Selling, Installing, Maintaining and creating Contents for Catchyoo systems so that end-customers can choose to work with the best of them".
THEBLOG: "what for?"
Yumiko Misaki: "It is very important for all the Catchyoo community to recruit partners who bring the best value to the customer, convey the correct image, install in total security, generate value from the product more than only reselling but also share the same business risks than the Catchyoo people and their families.
THEBLOG:"Some partners may not be happy with this ranking, don’t you think?"
Yumiko Misaki:"This program will help our best partners to sell more easily. At the end, we ask our partners to share the same dedicacy to quality, customer care, value and vision than LM3. It is made in total transparency. Good partners will be happy to receive Stars, poor partners will know what they should improve".
THEBLOG:"Concretely how does it work?"
Yumiko Misaki:"After ranking, our partners will receive individual certificate that they can use on their web sites, mail, brochures etc…".
THE BLOG:"Can’t some indelicates counterfeit the certificates?"
Yumiko Misaki:"They will have hard time. Harder than selling our products! Certificates are protected."
THEBLOG:"How do you do this?"
Yumiko Misaki:"ha, ha, should I tell? Just a hint. We use technologies like encrypted Permalinks and online filigranes. I cannot tell more."
THEBLOG:"How do you reflect the changes, the raising stars and decaying ‘Milky ways’?"
Yumiko Misaki:"All is online. The revision is quarterly, update done in a click".
THEBLOG:"You play the big company, don’t you?"
Yumiko Misaki:"We are very serious. Our people have been trained in multinational companies. The result is that we have the most professional solution on the market today, with innovative business models and marketing. Multinationals like Microsoft buy our solutions and we must be careful about who they meet. It is an end-to-end quality policy. Our distribution Partners are our best asset, we rely on them, we want to help them.".
THEBLOG:"Sounds like a Japanese permanent improvement practice… Yumiko, thank you".

Catchyoo stood a 6.7 earthquake today

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Manado_1 When installing a 13 kg device over the head of people and kids it is critical to make maximum security. Catchyoo is the ONLY solution of its category which has been designed to stand earthquakes.

Because it is designed and manufactured in Japan, the country with the highest level of high grade earthquakes, quakes and security have been treated with maximum care from the first drawing.
Point Break Indonesia, a surfwear chain, recently extended their network of Catchyoo system to different places in Indonesia. One system was installed in Manado which experienced a 6.7 earthquake today.
While many buildings suffered from the tremor, Catchyoo continued to work and the Safen’Secure (TM) fixing system played perfectly its role.
Safen’Secure (TM) is a patent pending design which grants security to installer as well as to kids who plays under Catchyoo.
Customer says "Hello, we are safe!"… feeeww  :-)

Enlarge your Catchyoo

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Dsc_2978 No, this is not an other spam mail title… Catchyoo is presented in cluster to more than 2000 customers of Japanese rental specialist Kowa Co. Ltd.

Catchyoo lets owners create very large interactive surfaces where FX can propagate from screen to screen seamlessly. There is no limits for some FX.

It allows event organizer but also advertizers to create huge spaces where users spend even longer time.

Casio was the first customer to use Catchyoo in cluster at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo for the launch of their first mobile phone line-up.

iPhone: Catchyoo loves you!

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As Apple launched this week their long expected iPhone, LM3LABS had to give a "Bravo" to this wonderful interface.

The interface let user have a natural interaction like on Ubiq’window and TOUCH the content.

Catchyoo is also a wonderful to launch such products and highlight their features (in iPhone’s case the contact with body, large screen, sound, etc…).

Catchyoo lets shopping centers visitors discover the beautiful graphical interface of iPhone, play with its huge screen and have an interactive relationship with the product.

It also translates its ease of use and reactivity.

Content is easily created from Catchyoo FX library in a few minutes directly with customer’s existing material used for web, TV, plain (and so expensive) billboards.

Happy New Year 2007 from LM3LABS

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Happy New Year 2007 to all our customers, partners, staff and …future customers !!!