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A New Era, A New Blog

January 10th, 2015 | Posted in LM3LABS | Comments Off on A New Era, A New Blog



As 2015 opens we are happy launch our new web site and blog.
We migrated this blog’s post to the new blog and this blog will not be updated any longer.

Please visit and subscribe to our new blog.

Art Avatar at Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art

December 16th, 2014 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Art, Events, Mobile, Movies, Museum, Xloudia | Comments Off on Art Avatar at Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art

If you are in Paris until January 4, 2015, please make sure that a visit to our exhibition at Centre George Pompidou is in your agenda.

Centre George Pompidou in Paris is one of the most famous modern art museums in the world.

From November 8 to January 4, 2015, LM3LABS exhibits a unique art event in collaboration with Norwegian cybercouture artist Pia Myrvold.



The exhibition focuses on education of teenagers to modern art and interactions.

Visitors can create their own 3D avatar by tweaking effect shaders on Android tablets. They, then, send their creation to large projected walls where they can use their body to “enter” into their own artwork.

On a first station their avatar moves with their body and change shapes as they enter invisible specific zones on Pia’s carpets. The tracking is done thanks by 3DFeel.

On a second L-shaped projected wall, visitors can alter sound shaders to create their own sound composition. 3DFeel tracks arms positions, trunk angle, head and rotation of bodies. The experience is extremely immersive.



Finally, after multiple creative iterations, visitors can keep their art on their smartphone by using the specially designed Xloudia’s mobile application which runs on both iPhone and Android. Artworks are presented in 3D as augmented reality objects. Teenagers can bring their art outside the 4 walls of the museum, share with friends on social networks.

LM3LABS has a growing experience in collaborating with artists by integrating interactive technologies to their art work. We collaborated with Jean-Michel Othoniel in Tokyo, Macau and New York, or with Nicolas Buffe.




For this project, LM3LABS went a step further by designing the total experience of the event around interactivity and by proving (and testing!) “art exhibition remote deployment”, a series of methods and technologies developed by the lab. Indeed, as a demonstration of what will be the future of art exhibition, the entire expo was installed remotely from Tokyo by shipping equipment to location, coordinating and training Centre Pompidou’s technical staff, installing and maintaining software during the entire event duration.

It was a challenge. It made some people very very anxious but it was an extremely rich experience encompassing a large scope of expertise like project, people management and best-of-breed visualization technologies.

Modern art can be “distributed” and off-the-wall and LM3LABS proved it.

LM3LABS is currently working on new collaborations with artists.

Timetable and venue of ART AVATAR

Most Pictures and Movies by Yann Minh


Xloudia Beacon lets you call your Client by her First Name

June 4th, 2014 Tags: , ,
| Posted in Mobile, Movies, Retail, Slide Presentations, Xloudia | Comments Off on Xloudia Beacon lets you call your Client by her First Name

LM3LABS’ team is excited to announce the launch of Xloudia Beacon, a new technology module within the Xloudia family.

Xloudia Beacon simplifies the management of iBeacon emitters in Retail, Museums and during Events. Thanks to the cloud, iBeacon emitters can be provisioned, managed, associated to specific actions, distantly and in real time.

More importantly, Xloudia Beacon links directly to other Xloudia modules like Xloudia Image Recognition, Product Recognition, Color Recognition and Xloudia TV to create a seamless experience starting from Home (with print materials like magazines or TV trailers) to the product shelf in the Shop.

Now, you can call your client by her first name and craft her a very personal experience of your brand.

Xloudia Beacon works with all BLE emitters on the market and can even federate heterogeneous deployments.

Xloudia Beacon is available today. Consult us for deployment recommendations and application ideas.

For a deeper understanding of Xloudia Beacon:

Xloudia Beacon in action with this demonstration:


Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

June 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Augmented Reality, Image Tracking, Mobile, Xloudia | Comments Off on Xloudia Converter turns 1, turns Faster and Free

Last year we launched the first visual currency converter on smartphone. It can recognise a bank note from thousands in circulation around the world and display its current value in your home currency.

This year we launch ConverterXpress, a focused version limited to 12 important currencies for travellers: Euro, US, Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australian dollars, Rubble, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Brasilian Real and British Pound. We replaced the Bitcoin by the Malaysian Ringgit.

ConverterXpress is also becoming even faster.

Xloudia Converter is an interaction design style exercise above all but it will be your good companion this summer and it is now totally free.

You can download it from Google Play, Apple’s iTunes and Amazon.

Interactive Pearl Portraits for Tasaki Pearls

May 23rd, 2014 | Posted in 3Dfeel, Body Tracking, Case Study, Catchyoo Face Tracker, Events, Face Tracking, Movies | Comments Off on Interactive Pearl Portraits for Tasaki Pearls



For the 60th Anniversary of the famous pearl brand Tasaki, LM3LABS has developed a unique interactive system which amazed 600 guests at the opening ceremony and will continue at Tasaki’s Gallery in Ginza for a month.

The i-Portrait system brings together multiple LM3LABS technologies into a single integrated system.

Catchyoo FaceTracker tracks people in the room and crops their face with golden proportions, dynamically.

Their face is projected on a large screen made of ping pong balls which recalls pearls.


By pointing their hand to the screen, guests distantly interact with 3DFeel to launch the countdown.

A picture is taken and processed by LM3LABS’ shaders to “beautify” the face with an elegant black and white treatment.


Mailbot and Facebot allows the user to get their picture on their smartphone, in high quality, within 1 minute, while posting it on Tasaki’s dedicated Facebook page.

In the Gallery, Tasaki’s staff use PrintBot to print pictures and offer to their guests.


The system is crowd proof. It accommodates tens of people in a small space giving priority to the person in front even with very close proximity to each other.

LM3LABS also developed a mobile app which transforms the guest’s picture into an interactive set of pearls for a very personal souvenir (not deployed).

i-Portrait, the name of the system, can be deployed for events or fixed installation within a few tens of minutes.

The system can be experimented at Tasaki Gallery in Ginza until June 30, 2014.


LM3LABS at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

May 16th, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on LM3LABS at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

LM3LABS collaborated with French artist Nicolas Buffe and Japanese sound artist Junya Oikawa to present “The Dream of Polifilo”, an interactive piece based on the 3DFeel technology.

The digital art installation lets the visitor experience being a knight fighting evil.
Projected on a 200 inch screen, the avatar wins or loses and it is only up to the guest understanding of situation, just like in real life.
Nicolas Buffe’s beautiful art mixes the Japanese manga culture to the European Renaissance culture.

A 360 degree sound environment has been created by sound artist Junya Oikawa and it creates a totally immersive environment.

The exhibition can be visited until June 26 at Hara Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Some comments of visitors: “This is pure Modern Art”, “We can experiment the life of Polifilo overcoming Life challenges”. Please visit if you are in Tokyo.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by LM3LABS, a first for our company.




LM3LABS sponsors 5th Photo Hack Day Japan

February 21st, 2014 Tags:
| Posted in Augmented Reality, Image Tracking, Xloudia | Comments Off on LM3LABS sponsors 5th Photo Hack Day Japan



LM3LABS is sponsor of the 5th Photo Hack Day which happens on February 22/23 in Tokyo.

The event is sponsored by Aviary, Mixi, Shutterstock,… and LM3LABS’ Xloudia product.

Developers and designers will use Xloudia API to develop new innovative applications on mobile.

If you are in Tokyo, join us. For the best app Xloudia offers the following prizes:

  • 1x Lenovo Yoga tablet
  • 1x year of Xloudia subscription free
  • Interactive T-Shirts to be used with Xloudia

Let’s code together !

LM3LABS high fidelity avatar hand for Samsung

December 10th, 2013 Tags: ,
| Posted in 3Dfeel, Events, Finger Tracking, Hand tracking, Moovaction, Movies, Retail | Comments Off on LM3LABS high fidelity avatar hand for Samsung



Samsung’s agency Cheil deployed a 3DFeel project at CapitaMalls Asia/West Gate called Lucky Draw.

By introducing her hand into a Lucky Draw box, the shopper can very accurately pilote a hand avatar and try her luck at grabbing virtual stars flying around her hand, win prizes.

It is a worldwide first for both the creation of a virtual Lucky Draw and this high precision hand avatar.

LM3LABS relies on many years of experience in finger tracking to achieve this prowess. LM3LABS reconstructed the hand structure in 3D and modelised the natural inverse chinematics, a work started in 2008 with the Moovaction project and now a library of unique algorithms.




A smart home project in Kyushu – Best Design Award

December 6th, 2013 Tags: ,
| Posted in AirStrike, Case Study, Finger Tracking, Showrooms, Ubiq'window | Comments Off on A smart home project in Kyushu – Best Design Award

LM3LABS integrated AirStrike into a smart home project in Kyushu, Japan.

AirStrike 200, 2 meter long, is integrated into the ceiling and users can manage most of the home appliances with gestures on a 100″ holographic screen: air conditioning, lights, cooking appliance and audio-visual devices…

The design won a Good Design Award 2013.


Michelin Japan gets a new HQ, interactive entrance

December 5th, 2013 | Posted in Case Study, Finger Tracking, Showrooms, Ubiq'window, Ubiqwindow's Installations | Comments Off on Michelin Japan gets a new HQ, interactive entrance



Michelin Japan moved their HQ within Tokyo and seized the opportunity to tap LM3LABS for a new interactive entrance. The objective was to engage visitors, within 5mn, in a discovery of various Michelin activities (from airplane tires to gourmet guides to your car’s tires).

LM3LABS deployed a 60″ interactive screen based on Ubiq’window 150.

From a minimal content source (Michelin’s web site and a few images), LM3LABS created a Flash application which allows direct and intuitive access to Michelin key information.